10 Unexpected Ways Neem Oil for Men’s Hair Can Make Your Life Better

neem oil for hair growth

10 Unexpected Ways Neem Oil for Men’s Hair Can Make Your Life Better

Life has come a long way from chemical products to Ayurvedic treatments such as neem oil for men’s hair is reliable from natural resources. Nevertheless, the ideas and practices of Ayurveda transpire in the Indian subcontinent.

So that is said to be a ”Village pharmacy” with healthy benefits for us. Neem oil is the ablest solution without expenses for typical hair fall problems and hair loss treatments.

Why would guys use expensive products and treatments for hair? Instead, using neem oil is the best option without any cost, which helps us in fungal treatments and anti-bacterial issues.

Let’s discuss in the light of research how neem oil is effective for hair growth and what are the primary outcome that we face after using natural neem oil.

How to Make Neem Oil for Hair Growth

Neem oil is extracted from both leaves and seeds by getting moisture out of it by mashing and pressing seeds to extract natural oil at home. Recent reports regarding neem oil show that it effectively stimulates hair growth, and it is one of the best natural remedies for guys with thin hair and alopecia.

After using neem oil twice a week, you can notice less hair fall due to its medical properties that nourish the hair follicles in days to become more substantial and healthful.

We can dilute neem oil with carrier oils like jojoba oil and coconut oil to improve hair growth and moisturize the scalp, which helps us achieve valuable results.

Here are a few knowledgeable things that you should consider before using carrier oils;

  • Always choose oils that can be non-irritational and reliable for your skin type.
  • Heavy oils can weigh hair down and minimize the hair grace for guys.
  • Oiling can create a greasy look with more pollution concerns and gathers unwanted dust.
  • Some oils have a sharp odor that can be irritational, and we should avoid their direct use without testing.
  • Some carrier oil can be better skin absorbent than others due to their lightweight. Camellia seed oil absorbency speed is higher than castor oil, whereas coconut and olive oil have average absorbency.

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How to Apply Neem Oil on Hair

neem oil for men's hair
Azadirachta Indica and neem oil for strengthening the hair roots

Can neem oil for men’s hair be advantageous for use? How to apply it to achieve the most desirable results? I know these queries are there in your mind rushing for answers. So let’s jump into it.

There are three basic ways of using neem oil; primarily, you can add it to your shampoo and hair conditioner. We can also use it directly by gently massaging it wholly. Last but not least, apply neem oil direct in the form of an effective hair mask with some other oils in combination.

Add a few drops of neem oil to the shampoo and conditioner directly, and let the product stay for a few more minutes to add moisture to dry and frizzy hair. This process consumes less time and has proven to be the most effective.

Apart from using neem oil in shampoo, using it directly by massaging it can prove it a circulation stimulator and hair hydration. After applying it thoroughly– leave it for almost an hour before rinsing so that it can penetrate deeply and condition your scalp.

Add neem powder with coconut oil gel and mix it until it forms a paste; apply this mask from roots to tip once a week to get the best results, and this will automatically revamp hair texture and soothe it.

Did you enjoy while reading this article? Cling here to read more about the 10 most unexpected benefits of using neem oil for men's hair.

10 Unexpected Ways to Use Neem Oil

1 . Reduce Hair Dandruff

man worried of dandruff
Malassezia fungus is the common cause of flakes and dandruff

Dandruff can distress you apparently and confidently because guys can feel awkward and embarrassed in public. Furthermore, it could impact their self-esteem by losing their confidence in themselves.

A recent study highlights this matter of dandruff that certain factors can maximize the enfeebling condition of dandruff, such as dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema.

Certain hair care products and their unconscious use can be damaging factors that produce dandruff in men’s hair. Try to avoid unfamiliar products that can further damage your hair texture after their daily use on the hair.

You will feel embarrassed if you see dandruff on your shoulders and within your hair. Hairloss is directly related to dandruff and itchy scalp with flakes. So neem oil is a natural dandruff buster that eliminates bacterial and fungal issues from the scalp.

Correspondingly, neem oil can prevent the regular attack of dandruff for almost any type of hair. However, one crucial point is not using neem oil on damp hair because water opposes oil because of its hydrogen bonds.

2 . Promote Hair Nourishment

We all know how it is crucial to provide the human body with essential micronutrients and a healthy diet plan. Correspondingly, hair nourishment gives essentials to your hair both internally and externally with vitamins and natural oils.

Guys should note that neem oil massage can improve blood circulation, which stimulates hair follicles. In this way, hair strands become more robust with a healthy, nourishing texture.

Apart from this, neem oil is rich in calcium, vitamin E, antioxidants, fatty acids, and limonoids that regenerate cells if the follicle is still intact.

Undoubtedly, neem oil can reduce the roughness and detangle each strand of hair. Hence, diluted neem oil can produce nourished hair with healthy cuticles.

3 . Reduce Irritation & Itching

Suppose you’re continuously scratching your head because of a severe bacterial infection and an itchy scalp. In this case, you don’t have to worry about it because of the natural neem’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of the oil.

Usually, itching is related to dry skin, blisters, and a reaction to using hair products. Apple cider vinegar can be helpful with neem oil for the prevention of irritation.

For diluting neem oil with apple cider vinegar, mix an equal proportion of both ingredients and use them precisely to stop scalp itching.

Other oils also have properties to help fight seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff issues, such as tea tree oil, warm olive oil, and lemongrass oil. In addition, we can dilute neem oil with these oils to stop an itchy scalp.

4 . Head Lice Prevention

Neem oil’s initial study in 2012 revealed that anti-louse shampoo made of neem seed extract has efficiency in eliminating lice with a single treatment. However, after 10 minutes of the interaction of neem oil with head lice, not even a single head louse survived.

Consequently, a concise study showed that the development stages inside the eggs were also destroyed due to the blockage of aeropyles (respiratory path) of the eggs.

Lukewarm neem oil can be applied to the scalp and leave it for an hour or more. After rinsing it, comb it thoroughly with the help of a nit comb so that every louse is removable if done accurately.

Due to Azadirachtin components, neem oil can act as a barrier and insect ( lice ) repellant because it can affect insects’ hormones, decaying their growth.

5 . Lessen Grey Hair

We know about the guys suffering from premature greying (Canities) problems and how they use a variety of hair dyes enriched with chemicals such as lead acetate and resorcinol.

This situation can have a contrary effect, leading the affected person to deformity. A condition in which certain things like confidence and personality are affected as public behavior toward that person is inappropriate.

Generally, less melanin pigment production at a younger age causes premature greying. However, there are plenty of reasons and benefits for using neem oil without any side effects for men.

Regular use of neem oil can prevent unanticipated greying in youngsters. But, on the other hand, grey hair due to aging and each hair strand that turns grey cannot be reversed with Ayurveda neem oil.

6 . Heals Fungal Infection

Fungal infection in men is a common issue caused by dermatophytes ( mold-look fungi ) attacking the scalp’s exterior layer. In this way, eczema and psoriasis are two different skin conditions caused by a fungal infection.

These fungal infections can cause itching and inflamed dry skin, which further becomes a dandruff indication in hair. However, neem oil for men’s hair is more than a redeemer because of its anti-fungal properties.

Natural Detoxifier properties in neem are now helpful in many cases around the world. For example, for fungal treatment on the scalp, either mask is applied wholly, or you can take a bath in neem water for ease.

Moreover, the anti-bacterial properties of neem oil are the best natural solution available right now without any costly therapies and medicines hazards.

7 . Treats Frizzy Hair

Treating frizzy and tangled hair is not a flexible option for guys because of the risks and consequences they may face in the end. There are plenty of causes of frizzy hair, such as unwanted hair products, humidity, overwashing, and heat styling.

As an outcome of this manly issue, neem oil for men’s hair play a vital role in getting shiny and lustrous hair as a trustworthy natural protector. This glistening hair texture comes from several fatty acids present in neem oil.

Stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and palmitic acid are present in healthy proportion in neem oil. Due to this reason, these acids are present in skin-care products for healthy glowing skin.

Hence, fatty acids and vitamin E help moisture stay and lock up hair. In this way, damaged, rough, and fragile hair can be reversed and nourished.

8 . Better Hair Texture

Certain significant aspects can affect the texture of your hair, including self-triggered and organic reasons such as an unhealthy diet and hyperthyroidism. Both of these reasons can cause dry hair texture and weak hair.

On the other hand, our hair follicles might be round because of our DNA–In that case, we can have a more satisfying hair texture along with straight hair.

As long as you’re aging, the production of sebum is comparatively less, due to which we can face coarse dry hair texture. So, with this in mind, let’s jump into–how neem oil for men’s hair can be beneficial naturally.

Shirolepa ayurvedic treatment is an ancient treatment with potent natural hair masks. This treatment is more popular nowadays because of its influence and prompt results such as stressless mind, relaxation, nourishment, and better hair texture.

You can add henna, aloe vera, amla, and reetha to make a paste-type mask that can be effective for hair texture. Heena can improve coarse hair texture and heal the scalp’s pH, and thus, amla-reetha will be remedial in premature greying and shiny textured hair.

9 . Removes Split Ends

Nowadays, split ends are a more familiar issue due to different hair care techniques and electric devices such as hair dryers, straighteners, and curling hair. In addition, guys can also face split ends due to extreme weather conditions in summer.

As far as neem oil for men’s hair is concerned, use it with vitamin B-E enriched flaxseed oil as a hair mask. Both neem oil and flaxseed oil can cure split ends and tresses and develops a shield against them accordingly.

Add honey to neem powder and make a fine paste for smooth and silky hair. The presence of humectant in honey prevents split ends because humectant can help preserve moisture in the hair.

You cannot permanently reverse the split end and get back to the original modest condition; instead, you can temporarily fix it or cut it off by trimming.


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