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Get Long-Lasting Wet Hair Look for Men In 2024

wet hair look for guys

Get Long-Lasting Wet Hair Look for Men In 2024

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Wet hair look for men are iconic, and it is undoubtedly the ultimate chic from the red carpet to the runway. Back in the ’60s, the wet look roots when the ”Chemico” pomade brand launched the popular formula “Brylcream.” The way Brad Pit became the heartthrob of Hollywood and set the streak of fashion with wet hair looks is why this wet hairstyle is loudly overlooked.

While it defined the golden era of the ’60s, this style is still being carried out by modern-day celebs like David Beckham, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Tom Hardy. Now we have come to break down this complicated wet hair look for men with the help of the best available products and expert advice.

The water-slicked hairstyle was rediscovered in 2019, making it back into the trends yet again. It’s a breeze to pull off in everyday life, where a search leads to an endless stream of images, editorial campaigns, and TikTok trends with millions of views.

Keep on scrolling if you’re inspired by a modish wet hair look for men—and you need to update your hairstyle RN. We won’t disappoint you!

Gently Pat Your Damp Hair

This vibing wet look style is the fresh shower look or something like an out-of-the-pool that looks like a celebrity’s signature hairstyle. But ensure that washing hair with shampoo and conditioner (of your choice) is a crucial step in achieving a wet look with smooth, clear tresses. In this instance, you’d think you have to start with dripping wet hair.

That doesn’t make logical sense—remember, don’t rub; blot wet hair with the anti-frizz towel. Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb after some moisture is taken out until it becomes damp. That is why we settled on a microfiber anti-frizz towel that solves your after-shower headaches.

Choose the Right Combination

The most frequently asked question by people is: How to achieve the perfect balance of sexiness in wet hairdos? What are these celebrities using to keep their locks shiny all day long? Is it Pomade? Wet gel? Shine cream? Or a mixture of products that amp up ”Chic Wet” style.

But, wait! We should consider our hair type first before finding the best product. We can opt for wet hair gels if we want confident slicked back or retro style like swept back or comb-over. Moreover, if we have dry hair, we can prefer hair gel designed especially for dry hair.

Handy Tip:
Don’t exaggerate by adding an over-amount of gels, creams, or any product that causes clumps and greasy hair at the end. Try to go with a precise combination that won’t cause issues like brittle hair with lusterless tresses.

Our Pick Is “Pacinos Signature Line Pomade”

The most effective hair pomade or gel for wet looks should have a dramatic glow and offer a firm but not sticky hold. Your hair must have enough grip to stay in the same place throughout the day. Our best-selected Pacinos Sleek Pomade is pliable and flawless for professional and active guys. This ideal product has a water-soluble formula that washes out easily without residues.

Moreover, this pomade adds volume and texture to hair, making it a valuable arsenal in our manly hair journey. Undoubtedly, this signature line has everything we demand, from the hold that never fails to the evergreen shine. Must try this pomade and create your signature look on your own.

How to Style & Nail Your Wet Look

wet hair look for men
Get that Hollywood edge with the sleek charm of a slicked-back style!

There are two basic ways to achieve the aura of a wet hair look: either you style straight from wet or create a fake wet look. The best thing about this style is that anyone can go with it, whether the hair type is dry or frizzy.

1. Choose Your ”WetStyle” That Inspires

Before applying products or going wet, we need to determine what hairstyle typically works nicely according to hair length, texture, face frame, and an event appearance. These inspirational wet hair looks for guys are alluring with versatility for modern men who desire sleek hairstyles.

Some of the most seductive and sexy wet look hairstyles worn with confidence from all around the globe are classic fringe, a pompadour, a side part, a wavy quiff, and a slick back.

2. Apply RYTE Amount of Product in the RYTE Way

After picking your favorite runway-approved wet style, we need to implement everything with the help of these easy and simple steps ahead. After patting your hair to a damp condition, apply a small amount of pomade starting from dime size or nickel to quarter size.

Now you need to rake your product from the front to the back by considering most of it on the roots. If you’re doubtful about the quantity, begin with less and then keep on adding more until the sophisticated wet look appears.

Adding more pomade is fitting, especially on sides that need a firm hold—more likely on the temple area.

Quick Facts:
Using hair mousse after a shower or any other setting products may turn strands dry quickly because of alcoholic formulas that dry hair ends.

3. Pick Out the RYTE Hair Comb or Brush

The next step is to customize our best-wet appearance by deciding the right comb for your desired results. Selecting your gear upright will surely make you win the wet-look battle. There are a variety of combs and brushes that can add value to our wet contour.

We can opt for a wide-toothed comb for perfect beachy vibes or a fine-toothed comb for amping up a slicked-back hairstyle. On the other hand, the best possible solution for a sculpted look is a boar bristle brush because it can evenly spread applied products with a smooth, sleek touch without snarls and bumps.

Start combing from the front hairline toward the crown by ending through your tips giving it a dandy-sleek finish. If your hair is flimsy and thin, you can go with a soft bristle hairbrush.

Our Pick Is “Diane Premium Boar Bristle Brush”

We picked Dual Club Diane Boar Brush because of its two-sided versatility made up of 100% medium boar bristles on the one hand and firm nylon bore bristles on the other side. This special brush is designed for regular styling, forming wavy hairstyles, and smoothing purposes. The medium side bristles work nicely on medium-coarse textures, and the firm side works best on coarse to very coarse textures.

Thankfully, this unique design is durable and gentle on the sensitive scalp. It helps seal unwanted split ends, detangle hair, and reduce frizz. Moreover, boar bristles naturally distribute your hair oil from the roots to the tips that polish your strands. Give it a try, as this grooming essential is ideal for a sculpted and sleek look.

4. Rock ”WET LOOK” With RYTE Shining Spray

Our Pick Is “Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray”

Adding shine while finishing wet style is a good-to-go option in a fix. Today’s pick is Moroccanoil Glimmer Finishing Spray, reflecting light to deliver optimal gloss. This glimmer finisher is everyone’s chalk horse and the ultimate choice to finish wet-look style. Moreover, this product contains shine-boosting vitamins and antioxidants that shield hair from environmental factors.

Finish off the style by spritzing our best bet shine spray after sculpting your wet style. We need to merge the bottom hair with the top as our roots already have a nice glossy finish. For this, spray your shinner evenly, not on the roots. Avoid over-spraying, as it may turn hair greasy and weigh down hair. For better results, use a glimmer on a dry surface.

Be cautious; always spray your hair around 10 to 12 inches away by directing it to the surface using your hands. Don’t touch or manipulate hair right after applying the product; rather, wait for a few minutes.

Handy Tip:
Never spray directly to your root area; otherwise, it will disturb your sleek back look, causing unwanted crispy roots.

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Wet Hair Look With Curly & Afro-Textured Hair

Wet looks for curly and afro textures are a little bit tricky as compared to straight hair. The Afro style evolved back in the 70s as a political view of African people in America. This Afro style is still embracing your natural texture with a go-to for iconic wet looks. Hair serums, especially leave-in serums, work best for textured hair and fight frizzy hair by retaining its moisture.

For curly textured hair: The process is still the same as for straight hair. Don’t use the comb instead; work with your fingers or mids. For textured hair, you need more amount of gel or pomade. Zap it with gloss spray for an eye-catching shine and hold it over your hairstyle.

For afro-textured hair: we need to blow dry our hair in a sculpted way so that it can turn slicked back or straight easily. Due to the extremely coarse texture, we need to apply leave-in-serum first—the heaping amount of pomade afterward. Our picked Moroccan oil glimmer will magically nourish the afro texture with precious argan oil essence at the end.

Are you guys obsessed with this article? With these easy steps, give yourself a try to complete a modish wet look for outdoor events. Get in touch with us after signing up for our manly newsletter.

Ammar Riyar

Ammar Riyar

Ammar Riyar, an esteemed authority in men's hair care and grooming, boasts an impressive eight-year tenure within the hair industry. Apart from his expertise, Ammar is renowned as a long-hair model, serving as an inspiration for countless individuals seeking to enhance their personal grooming routines. Learn more...

Ammar Riyar

Ammar Riyar

Ammar Riyar, an esteemed authority in men's hair care and grooming, boasts an impressive eight-year tenure within the hair industry. Apart from his expertise, Ammar is renowned as a long-hair model, serving as an inspiration for countless individuals seeking to enhance their personal grooming routines. Learn more...


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