straight hair wavy

How To Make Straight Hair Wavy For Guys – An Ultimate 2021 Guide

First of all, we must acknowledge that straight hair is undoubtedly a blessing for all guys out there. Guys turning straight hair wavy for self-enhancement and to improve their appearances with fashion trends.

The distinctive outlook that can grab people’s attention towards you and your hair is your style statement. Today we will disclose the comprehensive guide on turning straight hair wavy with short and long hair length.

We’ll discuss how to make straight hair wavy naturally and use different products to enhance waves in tresses. Moreover, some essential queries like; what will be the role of hair texture and its cuticle–how genetic factor plays the crucial factor in determining guys hair texture, and how we can turn straight hair wavy overnight.

straight hair wavy
The longer the hair length is, the more apparent waves let the lead

Role Of Genetic Hair Texture

After out-and-out research on how genetics defines our hair texture, we concluded that the U.S National Library of Medicine highlighted this active topic; how various genetic factors and variations determine straight, wavy, and curly hair texture.

It seems likely that polymorphism variations such as (EDAR, FGFR2, TCHH) are those variations that are correlated with deviations in hair thickness and its texture in Asian countries.

On the other hand, the syndrome defines the association of symptoms and various signs, and its major causing are due to the changes in genes that play a vital role in hair development.

Not only genetic factors but certain chemicals, hormones, and medicines can change the possible texture of our hair and so on. Stress, diet, and age factor play a massive role in turning hair texture into a manly hair journey.

How To Make Straight Hair Wavy Naturally

It should be noted how you see your hair in the mirror with different textures and tones of hair, whether it is straight, curly, or wavy. In the same way, wavy hair has its three characteristics: delicate waves with S-mold, medium with S-mold and little frizz, coarse with S-mold and crimped texture.

Apart from this, wavy hair is thicker than straight hair, and it is less prone to oil because of its pattern and texture. After featuring wavy hair shapes and patterns, we are heading to the main discussion on making straight hair wavy naturally.

  • Wavy Hair After Shower; The fittest place to have naturally wavy hair is while having a shower. One must use shampoo and conditioner initially and then gently detangle your hair using your finger so that hair forms wet waves. We have to clear our mind that we shouldn’t use sulfate products for cleansing purposes and do remember how these products can dehydrate strands that destroy waves
  • Don’t Comb Your Hair; As your hair is at its weakest position and it can ruin your waves and curls if you comb your hair right after a shower. You can destroy your pre-made natural waves after even slightly combing them, so dodge it. Besides this, never use your fingers or comb to detangle hair when it gets dry; instead, you can detangle it thoroughly from the ends to the roots in the shower.
  • Use Microfiber Towel; You can use frizz eliminating towel which is the finest and cheap and can assure the best result in absorbing water deeply and enhancing your wavy hair at its best shape. Try to avoid using rough texture towels, and their unconscious use can cause hair damage and frizzy hair. As microfiber towels can absorb water from shafts and roots the hair doesn’t weigh down, and roots won’t get flattened.
  • Use Hair Diffuser; Without a doubt, a hair diffuser is the most helpful tool to dry hair instantly that can enhance the definition of waves and curls.Guys can use it to turn straight hair wavy naturally by diffusing constant air spread equally without causing any frizz. In the end, you’ll have the most precise shape waves that will surely break a lot of hearts when guys go out.
  • Buns Can Create Waves; If guys have long or medium-long, they can go with twisting hair and making buns after drying it. The more hair you twist in each section, the looser the waves will be at the end, so you need more twists if you have thicker hair. Moreover, you can twist your hair and knot them with clothing rags to define the natural shape of waves.

How To Make Straight Hair Wavy Overnight

sleeping with wavy hair
Protect Your Hair While You Sleep To Enhance Wavy Texture Overnight

Post Shower Braiding Before Bed

One of the easiest ways for men is to divide their hair into sections and gently braid each part right after the shower. This routine will help stop hair breakage, and hair will be healthier and effortless wavy hair in the morning. On the other hand, it can save you a lot of time and effort in the morning.

But what to do with hair if the length is short and straight? Don’t worry your head about this; we have a solution for short-length hair guys out there. All you need is many rubber bands made up of good quality because regular bands may hurt.

Tie knots as many as possible to form wavy ponytails before hitting the hay and see how this method does the magic in the cockcrow.

Plopping & Pineapple Method

Unlike straight hair sleep, the technique of sleeping with wavy hair is more restricted and complex. Correlatingly, we have written a recent article on hair protection while sleeping and how to tie it. However, follow some tips like pineapple hair, by knotting a high ponytail at the crown of your head to protect your hair from breakage and stress.

Other methods to turn straight hair wavy using rollers and plopping technique when the hair length is medium-long or long. Hair rollers are, in fact, an old way, but it may cause an annoying situation for guys to sleep with it.

Whereas the plopping method is adaptive in which we have to cover all of our freshly washed hair in a cotton t-shirt and secure it by knotting the shirt arms.

Try these methods to turn your straight hair wavy with these easy and concise ways of making natural waves and ensuring their protection overnight.

Products To Turn Straight Hair Wavy

All these products mentioned below are mandatory for the hair care regimen, and men’s daily routine should include these products that can assure you that have got the best salon appointment at your doorstep.

Shampoo & Conditioner

The essential hair products that should be part of your toiletry drawers are undoubtedly shampoo & conditioners useful in fighting frizzy and rough-textured hair. At the same time, remember the list of must-have ingredients in wavy hair products, such as emollients for wavy hair, strengthening Ingredients, anti-frizz ingredients, and moisture-holding elements.

Ultimate Precautions

There are unsafe chemicals used in shampoo & conditioners that are proven to be hazardous and harmful for wavy hair. Formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, and denatured alcohols are potentially damaging chemicals that are regrettably available in the Us markets.

Other precautions include abstaining from shampoo & conditioner, and over-cleansing texture hair may convert it dry and brittle.

Sea salt spray

Turning straight hair wavy is not easy-going if you don’t know the how-to enhance it for having an instant soft texture to beachy waves. Apply sea salt spray after towel drying hair and sprinkle it through the length of the hair; also tame it precisely with hands. For adding volume and craving fluffy hair of any length, using the hairdryer is the utmost choice for guys.

Ultimate Precautions

There are some precautions about sea salt spray use, and its excessive use can turn hair dry and straw due to the presence of sodium sulfate, which is alarming for curly and wavy hair because it can remove oils.

Avoid the excessive use of salt sprays as it is adverse for the scalp and healthy hair.

Hair Mousse

Hair mousse is a lightweight product for defining straight hair wavy with excellent hold and volume after applying the mousse on damp hair. It is also used in favor of weighed-down hair by turning it voluminous with the help of a hairdryer.

Ultimate Precautions

The presence of a specific amount of alcohol in hair mousse can make it alarming for guys. The damage caused depends on the quantity of mousse we are using that can quickly dry hair ends.

Texturizing Sprays

Dry texturizing sprays are the handiest products to add volume to your hair, giving waves long-lasting hold with texture and absorbing hair oil. Guys with Instagram-ready hairdos and long-lasting texture styles use these sprays so hair can move freely with a natural flow.

Ultimate Precautions

It seems likely most instant styling products have some ratio of harm in the form of alcohol percentage present in them. Some may have a 5% alcohol ratio, dehydrating hair, thus turning hair brittle and dry.

Moreover, magnesium sulfate and sodium chloride tend to absorb moisture from hair, and in this way, hair shafts become dull and sterile.

Best Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Are you guys looking for trendy wavy hairstyles with short and long lengths with impressive waviness that can add a dapper look to your character and versatility in your contour?

Following hairdos are relatively chicer according to 2021 trends. Let’s jump right into it to help achieve the hairstyle that works well with different face structures.

Clean Quiff With Tapered Fade

wavy hairstyle

Undoubtedly, the wavy quiff with the low tapered fade haircut is a blend between modernized and classic with many variations in it.

Wavy Medium Length Mess

men wavy hairstyle

The shoulder-length waves with thicker hair work well with the face structure and symmetry of any length. Guys with mid-length should try this for maximum impact.

Mid Part Semi-Waves

wavy hairstyle

Mid Part Wavy Hairstyle is ideal for an oval face. It can add balance and illusion to your jawline if your face is long. Guys with thick wavy hair look innocent and swank with a middle part.

Wavy Quiff Push Back

wavy hairstyle

Elegant art of taming wavy quiff with sides pushed back to make it worthwhile for guys. Just brush up it with clean sides for the mode of perfection.

Short Waves Clear V Tapper

wavy hairstyle

This chic short, more twisted hairstyle with a tapper in v shape is perfect for debonair youth.

Ultimate Verdict

Hopefully, this ultimate guide on turning straight hair wavy is upright and ready to be followed step by step for those guys craving wavy hair at any cost.

Don’t wait too long to apply hair products, and try to set your hair according to your choice before hair cuticles become undefined and frizzy.

To boost your wavy hair that can stand all day, try to add a leave-in conditioner to your hair care arsenal. It can be effective in many ways, such as enduring nourishment, protecting strands, and breakage.


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