What Causes Tangled Hair? Easy Tips to Detangle Your Knots

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What Causes Tangled Hair? Easy Tips to Detangle Your Knots

A guy with tangled hair is dumb with no patience when it comes to detangling hair naturally without pain. The first thing that is crucial for us is to have patience when the hair struggle begins to detangling knotted ends without tearing and chopping them unconsciously.

Natural curls are undoubtedly elegant and more attractive for guys, but when their hair tangles, there will be no more grace left, and rather guys may have disappointment in them.

For guys with long curly hair and messy deadlocks, the time required to detangle their hair will be more, and the difficulty will be average per experience.

What Causes Tangled Hair?

Do you ever wonder why our hair tangles and what are the reasons that make them intertwine? It will worsen when hair is wholly damaged and frizzy; it will cause excessive pain and breakage when someone unravels it.

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Men bun’s with deadlocks are the major reasons for tangles and matted hair

Various factors affect our hair and cause snarl because of undisciplined routines, leading us to undesirable tangle hair with damaged cuticles(outmost layer of hair).

1 . Heat Styling & Wind Blowing

Excessive heat and wind blowing for drying hair can damage your hair without any alert and cause severe consequences in the form of fried hair. Therefore, it requires much effort to bring your locks back to their initial state.

Recent studies show that a temperature of 60 degrees C is optimal since subsequent moisture take-up is comparatively more reluctant at this temperature, and hair is less sensitive to surrounding humidity fluctuations.

After using heat styling dryers, we can have more possibility of damage; thus, the chances of hair twists and intertwining are heavy.

2 . Sleeping Unwary

One of the primary reasons for getting twisted and interlaced hair is due to sleeping postures and having unwary conditions while sleeping.

Our head rasping against the pillow can cause hair to tangle when we turn here and there in sleep. In addition, Cotton-made pillows are more problem-causing as compared to silk pillows.

Regarding this sleeping issue, we have recently added an article on How Men Should Protect And Tie Hair While Sleeping because hair protection is our priority.

3 . Unwanted Products

Bleach and hair dye would be damaging to our natural hair due to the constant interaction between hair and chemical products. Moreover, other damaging chemicals that are prohibited for healthy hair without twists are

  • Benzene
  • Fragrance
  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates
  • Isopropyl Alcohol

These chemicals can cause dry hair with split ends—as a result, we drag ourselves toward deeply flawed hair tangles.

4 . No Brushing & Towel Rubbing

No brushing and little brushing to your hair can cause more disorder and twists to your natural hair. One should brush hair properly from bottom to top because this way. no breakage or less will happen. If you’re unable to brush your hair daily, you should detangle your hair at least every wash day.

Towel rubbing is harmful and damages hair because hair is in a fragile state when it gets wet. Rubbing towels awkwardly after a shower can push hair to fall and tangle when hair gets dry.

Quick Facts

There should be a routine for your hair care and a healthy lifestyle. All you have to do is protect your hair from pollution, dehydration, and dodge products—this will automatically detangle your hair naturally and effortlessly.

Fast Ways to Detangle Hair Naturally at Home

Certainly, in this world of related products and remedies, we can easily overcome some troublesome circumstances we face every day.

Every situation holds a solution—in this way, we can have ready remedies and tricks to detangle hair fast without further stress.

what causes tangled hair

Use Products that Give Slip

Cosmetic oils and slippery products like Aleo Vera, deep conditioners, and other lubricating products will give your hair slip after applying.

You can add humectants (moisturizing agents) like castor oil, honey, aloe vera juice, green tea, and vegetable glycerin. You can mix these ingredients in your shampoo to detangle hair quickly.

Moreover, adding neem oil to these ingredients, as mentioned earlier, can be helpful in giving valuable moisturization and strength to the hair follicles.

Always Gentle Dry with Towel

The best thing is to use your dry towel gently with no aggression, which will help out to squeeze water from your hair after a bath.

Don’t rub towels against your hair; this will cause breakage to your hair due to its grainy texture and dryness. Instead, The best sequence to avoid twists is to use both cloth drying and blow drying with cold air.

Use Wide Toothed Comb

Using a wide-toothed comb is the only way to go because of its large diameter and wide-angle tooth. Because of its shape, it can be practical for damaged hair and helps to detangle hair painlessly.

A wide-angle comb is preferable for human hair because it rubs less, which further leads to a gentle outcome.

How to Detangle Curly Hair Between Washes

Having curly hair does mean that more energy is expected to take care of your hair. So propitious manly journey is not an easy option for guys with long curly hair.

Going for a shower with tangled hair is a headache for guys with naturally curly hair. Still, the proper procedure of shampooing and using conditioner for moisturizing and further grooming is mandatory.

Natural detanglers and branded ones are helpful for hair; use detanglers during a shower to prevent your hair from breakage and pain. In this way, Avocado oil and olive oil can penetrate deep within your hair shaft and hydrate it efficiently.

Moreover, carrot oil can be crucial in this matter because it can help strengthen hair follicles and lock in essential moisture to the hair.

Every oil has its natural benefit and function; oil such as Argan (liquid gold) is the best and easiest solution because of its miraculous penetration ability, more than any other oils available. Apply it gently over the area, and it will make hair smoother and lighter than before.

Using your fingers to prevent twists during washes will gently help you get rid of knots and locks by running your fingers from top to bottom. This method will decrease the number of intertwists.

How to Detangle Matted Black Hair

When guys with black hair get inspired by braids and deadlocks with additional extensions fixed for too long, they have matted hair at the end. Matted hair is a blend of both removed and linked hair in the form of severe tangles like a nest; Usually, unremoved tangles could lead to matted hair at some point.

  • It is even possible to untwist matted hair with endurance and little effort in the right approach. There is no need to get panic and cut it off at some point. You have to be stable with no other option left.
  • Fasten your fingers within matted hair slowly to avoid snarls and to unfix it somehow if possible. This method will surely add some value to your issue by providing some reach to untangle it.
  • Soaking your hair is the only essential point to get rid of tangles that are matted. Try to saturate hair with the appropriate amount of conditioner and slippery products for almost half an hour or more if you can. Use oils that give moisturization and greasy touch.
  • Heat blow with oily products is helpful in this condition for snarled black hair. Now try to use a wide comb, and pulling apart without breaking it is the right way. Always divide hair into layers and use hair clips to make it look more accessible to detangle.
  • Don’t try to pull hair in the wrong way by greater force because it will be worse for strands and matted hair. Be Patient while pulling off with a positive attitude is the perfect match that helps you out in fixing hair.

Pros & Cons of Detangle Hair Naturally

  • Always make a loose ponytail and bun before sleep to avoid tangles.
  • Use wide-angle combs after drying your hair to avoid twists.
  • Try to avoid rough and tough use of towels for drying purposes.
  • Try to dry hair without using blow dryers, which causes more damage.
  • Use natural oils and detanglers regularly for fine hair.
  • Avoid bleaching your natural hair and excess use of hair dye.
  • Settle hair up before exercising to avoid hair snags.
  • Always use a combination of shampoo and conditioner.
  • Trimming your hair every 12 weeks is more typical.
  • Don’t sleep with loose and wet hair after a shower to avoid twists.
  • A fine-tooth comb on thick hair and curly hair can lead to breakage.
  • Towel use is more damaging to fine hair because of its harshness and rugged use.
  • Blow-drying and heat can cause frizzy and tangled hair with a rough texture.
  • Using too much oil can turn hair greasy with an oily hair scalp.
  • Dye and bleach are harmful and cause hair burn and scalp issues.
  • Training with hair unfolded is not a healthy habit.
  • Using shampoo without conditioner can cause dry and frizzy hair.
  • No trimming can cause split ends and frizz.


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